Hispanic consumers stream video on either smartphones or tablets at a rate 10% higher than non-Hispanic consumers. When asked, U.S. Hispanics name YouTube as a great and accessible platform for passing time, obtaining opinions or commentary about relevant issues and events, learning new skills, or watching shows they can’t find elsewhere. According to our data analysis, when looking for information on different platforms, U.S. Hispanics list YouTube (38.8%), FOX News (16%), ABC (15%), NBC (9.9%), WSJ (7.1%), NYT (6.7%), and CBS (6.6%) as their preferred news outlets. Interestingly, when it comes to believing the information they consume, only 19% say they trust YouTube’s content versus 25% each for NBC and ABC.

Campaings This year, American Spanish-language television network Univision Communications announced that it reached a carriage agreement with YouTube TV, making Univision, UniMás, and Galavisión available on the platform’s subscription streaming service. This also provides subscribers in major U.S. Hispanic markets, such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago, among others, with a new way to access local news, weather, and programming from Univision and UniMás, which are highly regarded in the community.
NBCUniversal and Telemundo launched “Come With Us” (Juntos Imparables), the first bilingual Hispanic Heritage Month campaign ever. Designed to reach audiences across all platforms in both English and Spanish, the campaign aimed to recognize the culture and achievements of generations of Hispanics. It celebrated all those members of the community who made a significant contribution to the United States through their accomplishments.

Themes of unity and success with encouraging and inspirational messages that celebrate Latinos everywhere and recognize the community’s diversity and worldwide audience stand out from the pack.



According to a Nielsen study,23 98% of U.S. Hispanics own a smartphone, five points above the general U.S. population (93%). Furthermore, Latinos spend an average of over 30 hours per week on their smartphones (more than any other device). When compared to the general population, U.S. Hispanics have spent almost 2 more hours per week watching videos, listening to music, and networking on their smartphones since the start of the pandemic. An H Code Digital Fact reports that one in two U.S. Hispanics spend over six hours a day on social media, with 56% saying social media is where they are most likely to notice an ad and 56% saying they usually learn about new brands and products through digital channels. The three social media platforms U.S. Hispanics use most are Facebook (30%), YouTube (30%), and Instagram (26%), followed by TikTok (17%), WhatsApp (15%), Snapchat (15%), and Twitter (14%). In the digital analysis, however, the mostmentioned social media is Twitter (35%), followed by Instagram (25.1%) and Facebook (14.9%).

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With its “De Nada America – Celebrating everything #LatinxCreated” Hispanic Heritage Month campaign, TikTok honored the cultures and contributions of Latino Americans and celebrated the rich heritage of all Latin Americans. The campaign consisted of multiple activations, including the publication of the “2021 Latinx Trailblazers” list; the “Supporting the Community” initiative to finance U. S. Hispanics; the “Latinx Creatives” program, which offered mentorship and career-building opportunities for 150 latinx creators; the “Celebrating la Música” live performances and featured playlists; and various hashtags and in-app creative effects. Hilary McQuaide
Head of Communications | TikTok
Instagram collaborated with emerging music artists and creators
from the Latino community on #SomosLimitless, a music experience showcasing how sound crosses borders, bends convention, and embraces multiculturalism to set the beat of the future.
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According to a a Facebook study,26 71% of U.S. Hispanics use the platform to connect with their loved ones every day, and almost half (48%) of U.S. Hispanic people’s Facebook friends are family members (much higher than the average of 36%).
U.S. Hispanics find Facebook a valuable platform because they can use it to speak with family members living abroad. The same is true of WhatsApp, with U.S. Hispanics being the ethnic group who uses it most in the United States (52%).

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Recognizing the platform’s role in helping people communicate and build communities, Facebook’s “Taking Heritage Forward” initiative27 shares stories of how Hispanic and Latino people use the social network to connect with their communities, celebrate their heritages, and define their cultures on their own terms. Nick Clegg
Head of Global Affairs and Communications