We use big data technics that can analyze millions of messages,  to do this,  LLYC´s algorithm extracts and structures public information to better understand the conversation territories, the communities that participate, and the narratives that impact public opinion.

This process allows us to create a predictive model that can generate sociograms on key issues, identifying the drivers of the conversation, the leaders in each community, and the relationship between those who participate.

LLYCs Data Analytics Suite, known by its acronym DAS, is a big data analysis model that uses various technics such as:

  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP): for the semantic analysis of conversations.
  • Machine Learning (ML): for thematic classification.
  • Social network analysis (SNA) to create sociograms that help form communities based on similar, pre-determined variables.
  • Social Net Promoter Score (sNPS): to build a value-differentiating narrative that allows its promoters to cohere, connecting positively with the business.

This analysis helps us anticipate scenarios and develop patterns by understanding how the conversation has evolved and study what’s being said in real-time, to facilitate decision making and build communication strategies based on data.


The DAS adapts to the needs and characteristics of the conversation to obtain relevant insights according to what you want to identify.
Different models have been developed at LLYC, including:

  • Orion Model: with large-scale relationship analysis, Twitter, and RT patterns.
  • Pleiades model: with custom metrics, KPI tracking, and PDF reports.
  • Andromeda model: processes of conversation depoliticization and the inference of ideological polarity.
  • Perseus model: the presence of brands in key territories and quantitative analysis.
  • Cygnus model: investigation of territories with high growth potential and multispectral analysis: search engines, conversation, and media.
  • Omega model: inference of patterns in the use of language and semantic analysis of discourses.
  • Cassiopeia Model: study of language styles, vertical stakeholder groups, and segmentation.

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