LLYC is a global communications, digital marketing, and public affairs consulting firm that helps its clients make proactive strategic decisions, offering the creativity, innovation, and experience necessary to help them succeed while minimizing risk, harnessing opportunities, and taking their reputational impact into account. Against the current backdrop of disruption and uncertainty, LLYC helps its clients achieve their short-term business goals and set out a long-term roadmap to defend their social license to operate and enhance their prestige.

LLYC ( BME: LLYC ) is listed on the Spanish secondary stock market BME Growth. At present, LLYC has 20 offices in Argentina, Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Colombia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama,

Peru, Portugal, Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), and the United States (Miami, New York City, and Washington, D.C.). It also offers its services through affiliates in the rest of the markets in Latin America.

Two leading sector publications place LLYC among the most important communication companies in the world. It is ranked 36th in the world according to PRWeek’s Global Agency Business Report 2021 and 46th in PRovoke’s Global Ranking 2021. LLYC was also chosen as the Best Agency in Europe 2021 at the PRWeek Global Awards and was recognized as the Communication Consultant of the Year in Latin America at the International Business Awards 2021.

Expedition Strategies’ mission is to help leaders all around the world listen and lead by providing targeted, accurate strategic advice based on real data coupled with rigorous analysis. We use our knowledge, relationships and insights to create campaign strategies that suit the candidate, developing one of a kind messages and strategies that truly represent the client.

We have been a part of some of the most competitive races in the country. We advised and provided strategic research for the successful campaigns of six United States Senators and over a dozen heads of state and governments worldwide. In 2018, our work resulted in two Senators comfortably winning their re-elections, gubernatorial wins in Minnesota and Rhode

Island, and independent expenditure work that helped win 9 new Congressional seats.

To accomplish our goals, Expedition Strategies’ founder Peter Brodnitz has focused on this for years and has lectured both in the US and abroad on how to apply behavioral science to understand elections. For example, Pete did a mid 2016 presentation successfully demonstrating how Donald Trump could win, based on viewing his campaign through the prism of behavioral science.

We are committed to our clients’ success, to treating our clients honestly, and to striving to always provide our best work.